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Build Your Home

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Get the keys

Building a house does not have to be complicated. This is why we have come up with a comfortable get the keys solution for our customers. The only thing we need from you is a description of your dream home and preferences in terms of finishing materials. We will take care of all the other aspects and construction. Read on to see what the package includes.

Choose your dream home

Building a home is definitely not a decision made lightly. So why should you accept less than perfection? When it comes to CLT, you won’t have to. If you can’t find a solution that works for you from our existing projects then take a closer look at our design corner where we have gathered various architectural masterpieces from all corners of the world. Pick out the right one for you and we will help you build it.
CLT Buildings, CLT, elementmajad
CLT Buildings

CLT qualities

When building houses, we use innovative cross-laminated timber – or CLT. Thanks to this, your new home will be allergy-free and can easily maintain a comfortable indoor climate, good sound insulation as well as great fire resistance. Read more about why architects, engineers, and builders prefer this material.
CLT Buildings, CLT maja


CLT Buildings, CLT maja



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About us

We are an Estonian company with long-term construction experience, specialising in the construction of private and commercial buildings from cross-laminated timber, or CLT.

You don’t need to specialise in construction to contact us. We will gladly help you every step of the way, from planning to construction, offering various solutions that all meet the best standards in terms of construction. The result? A home you have always dreamt of that will last for generations. 

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