About us

Projektmaja Piret, võtmed kätte pakett

About us

Since 2013, our mission has been to provide both our private and business customers with durable, high-quality, and value-for-money construction solutions. We are highly driven by enthusiasm and commitment regarding everything from the construction of buildings to the environment surrounding the latter. Thanks to this mindset, no detail goes unnoticed as we carefully choose all our materials and make sure to offer solutions that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and of the highest quality. 


Not only do we build houses but we also create mutual trust with our customers. This is already visible through the smallest of aspects, such as the transparent prices and adherence to agreements. Only this way can we create solutions that satisfy all parties. 


We are fully dedicated to your vision and transforming it into a tangible reality. We are able to achieve this with the aid of our professional team, continuous training as well as high-quality modern construction and technical solutions.


The environment in which we live has a direct impact on us. Be it in the city or in the countryside – a clean and beautiful environment favours a peaceful state of mind. Building a house has a direct impact on this. Thus, needless to say, that we take our work very seriously, using only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and solutions.


In our line of work, we put a lot of focus on cooperation, offering you a personal approach and long-term solutions. For you, this means a good partner to whom you can turn to with all of your construction wishes and worries even after the house is completed.