CLT Elementmaja Piret, võtmed kätte pakett


Piret is a cosy, smaller type of house with a contemporary Nordic design that is perfect for either residential living all year round or as a summer cottage. The large windows in the living room give a great overview of the beautiful surrounding nature. 

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About the house

Compact from the outside but spacious and light-filled on the inside, Piret is a house that has paid special attention to the efficient use of space. On the ground floor, you will find an open kitchen-living room combination with a high ceiling, in addition to 2 bedrooms and a sauna, the latter of which you can exchange for a third bedroom instead. The living room with a cosy fireplace leads you right onto the large terrace that is partially protected from rain by the extended roof of the house. 

The top floor is almost the same size as the ground floor, making it a perfect fit for either a storage room, kids, or guest bedroom. Here too we have used skylights that make the second floor light-filled and spacious.

The house is built from innovative and durable CLT timber, thanks to which it is a perfect fit for people with allergies and adds an extra 10% more interior surface than usual. Read about all the benefits of CLT here.

CLT Elementmaja Piret, võtmed kätte pakett

Open living room

The house is spacious and light-filled thanks to its large windows and high ceilings. This is further emphasised through the light colour walls and laminate flooring. Large windows transform rooms with brighter walls and laminate flooring into open and light-filled spaces. Summer months can be spent enjoying the sun on the terrace but when it’s dark and crisp outside, the live fireplace adds a necessary touch of cosiness to the room.

A lot of space

The house has a separate storage room for your off-season items. If preferred so, the layout of the house could include a connected carport or we can build it as a separate unit. The house also has a technical room that fits all the heating and ventilation equipment but will also have space left over for a small lawnmower or similar equipment. 

CLT Elementmaja Piret, väljast valmis pakett

CLT timber as the material of the future

All of our houses are built from the innovative CLT (ie cross-laminated timber), which is often considered as the concrete of modern-day, even though it is 5 times lighter than the latter but with the same strength indicators. Compared to the more conventional materials, CLT offers several advantages for your future home. Being a renewable material, it binds CO2 throughout its lifecycle, provides an excellent indoor climate thanks to its great thermal conductivity, and helps distribute the moisture level evenly throughout the house. Your new home will also be a suitable environment for people with allergies thanks to CLT’s antibacterial properties. The multilayered timber also acts as a great fire barrier and provides even sound insulation.

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A smart house with a modern heating system

Our houses generally have a cost-effective air-to-water heat pump alongside an underfloor heating system but this can be replaced with a geothermal heating system instead if requested so. We also install an energy-efficient ventilation system with heat recovery in the house. As a result, you get an A-rated energy label house with low heating costs. 

By choosing our smart house solution, we will help you save up to 50% on utility costs. The smart house solution automates heating, security, and ventilation systems, thanks to which you can optimise the automatic equipment of the building according to your rhythm of life. As an outcome you save money on utility costs, the house has a better indoor climate and you are left with a stronger feeling of security. Read more about the smart house solution here.

Get the keys fast

With our get the keys solution, you can move into your new home stress-free without ever having to worry about unfinished indoor-outdoor work or paperwork. All that is left for you to do is choose the right finishing materials and we will take care of all the rest. We also offer landscaping work for your new garden.

We use innovative CLT timber when building the houses, the elements of which are produced beforehand in the factory of our partner CLT EST, following special sizings instructions. Thanks to high-quality production and material properties, we only need a few days to finish the house. For our customers, this means a shorter waiting period, significant financial savings, and better quality.

CLT Elementmaja Piret, võtmed kätte pakett

House Piret: 77 m2

House Piret: 83 m2


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